About Us

We are a group of pipers that used to play Great Highland (Bag)Pipes (GHP) and now play what are called “small pipes”.   We live on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  These pipes are much quieter and are meant to be played indoors.  There are several kinds of “small pipes” and they are usually played by using a bellows although some can be played by “mouth”.

They include:

Scottish Small Pipes (SSP) that have a chanter (plays the melody) which has the same fingering as GHP and drones (that play a constant harmonic note).

Northumbrian Small Pipes (NSP) that have a chanter with a closed end, eight holes (when covered there is no sound), seven or more keys for additional notes, and drones that can be turned off or tuned to different notes.

Uilleann Pipes (UP) (that are also called Irish Pipes) that have a chanter with an extended range, drones like NSP, and can have “regulators” that are basically organ pipes that are played with keys.

Other instruments that fit with these Scottish / Irish / English pipes are Penny Whistle, Bodheiran (single sided drum), and harp.

This sites purpose is to provide access to the scores and mp3 files for the tunes that we play.